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Color Through Divorce a coloring book to help moms and children cope during divorce
Color Through Divorce Coloring Book

Color Through Divorce is a therapeutic coloring book to help mom and child bond and grow together during separation and divorce. This coloring book is designed so mom and child can color at the same time. The right side is for mom and the left side is for the child. There are also some activities that mom and child complete together. Each page is filled with unique drawings and offers a multi-faceted approach to dealing with all the emotions that come with separation and divorce.


Take a break from the stress and spend precious time coloring with your child. In these pages you will find:

  • 50 beautiful drawings to color

  • Activities that bring you and your child closer together

  • Connection Questions to help you start difficult conversations with your child about the changes in your family

  • Prompts to help you and your child support each other through this rough time

  • A much-needed break from your worry about your separation and divorce

  • Precious time to begin the healing process

  • Inspirational quotes to help get you through your day

  • A creative outlet for your child to begin working through his or her emotions

Price: 11.99 + shipping

Sample Pages
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