September 12, 2018

A new guy is the perfect cure for a broken heart. The excitement of a new relationship is an exciting distraction from pain and sadness. But what if you’ve done the rebound thing and you aren’t happy anymore? Could you be ready to be single again?

Many people talk about rebounding. Either how unhealthy it is or how we should stop judging women and men for rebounding after the end of a bad relationship. But not a whole lot of people talk about the signs that tell you you’re ready to be single again.

I actually used to judge women who would bounce from one guy to another after heartbreak. These women were, in my mind, weak and desperate and needed validation from a man. I even tried to cover up my judgement by masking it behind layers of concern and worry that they would never be able to heal properly if they didn’t take some time for themselves first.

I judged these women. That is until I...

September 27, 2017

Loving yourself through divorce encompasses all areas of your life from managing your emotions to self-care and exercise. Refocusing on your health and wellness is a great way to increase your energy and confidence during divorce. I invited Rachel Aldrich Rader to share some tips on how you can create an exercise plan that is in alignment with who you are. She has great advice to help you stress less about exercise and help you create a unique plan that brings results.  

As a young mom wanting to “get my body back” I thought exercise was the thing that would make all my dreams come true. Sound familiar?

I know I am not alone here. Many women jump to fitness as "The Answer" when they don't feel good about their bodies. Going through a divorce doesn’t help a woman’s body image either.

Why do we focus so hard on exercise as the part of our wellness that will make us happy?

Honestly, because...

September 27, 2017

“Eat food. Not too much. Mostly plants.” ― Michael Pollan

Divorce is a very stressful time to say the least. And what do we do when we are stressed? If you said "throw all the sweet treats away and hop on the treadmill" then you are a super woman and should start some sort of class or something. I think most of us would say that we tend to eat comfort foods when we are stressed and any fitness plans we may have been working towards are thrown out the window.

One way to Love Yourself Through Divorce is to use this time to take care of yourself by eating healthy and exercising. Today, I'm going to focus on eating healthy and building your own healthy eating plan that is unique to you. I also wrote a post about creating a killer exercise program. (link to this post when published)

The good thing is that in order to eat healthy you don’t necessarily need to count calories and carry around a...

September 27, 2017

"You should never sacrifice three things: your family, your heart, and your dignity."

I hear all too often a version of this phrase, "Well, you know, as a single mom, I have to sacrifice a lot." I get sad and frustrated every time I hear this. I wrote a post called 10 Ways To Feel Rich Today and listed ways you can pamper yourself and feel wealthy in spite of all that you sacrifice. But then I got to thinking, “Hey, why should a single mom be expected to sacrifice more than a mom who is coupled?”

Is it hard to be a single mom? Yes, of course it is. Do we have to say no to a lot of things? Yes, we do. Do we worry about our children and how we will provide for them? Yes. Can we do all this without sacrifice being the main point of our lives? YES. Yes, we can!

First of all, I hate the word "sacrifice". Here are some definitions:

- the surrender or destruction of something prized or...

September 27, 2017

There are people who have money and people who are rich. -- Coco Chanel

Being a single mom means you have and will continue to make sacrifices for your kids. But it doesn't mean you must sacrifice everything. Yes, we single moms have a tight budget. Yes, we are running around like headless chicken half the time. Yes, we barely have time to shave our legs let alone bask in the sun at the beach. However, despite what people might think it's essential for a single mom to enjoy luxuries and it’s not that expensive.

Enjoying luxuries doesn't mean you have to eat Ramen noodles for a month in order to fit the luxury in your budget. It just means you have to get creative. When I see something I really, really want but is out of my price range (which, let’s face it: it mostly everything) I ask myself this: What does this thing represent to me? Can I create something else that fulfills whatever t...

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