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The HeartFull Journey Books

The HeartFull Separation workbook helps moms survive the first weeks and months of divorce
The HeartFull Separation Workbook


The first weeks and months after separation are a wreck. With so many emotions (mostly anger, sadness, and confusion) it's a wonder you make it through your day.

I was in the same situation while going through my divorce. When I was at my lowest, I realized in order to find happiness again I was going to have to deal with my pain head-on. And The HeartFull Separation Workbook was born!

I hope you find as much comfort with this kit as I have. And I hope you use it to start your Self-Love Celebration Journey.

Get help and guidance through the first stages of grief after separation. This kit will help you:

  • manage and learn from your emotions

  • create a support system

  • build a solid foundation to thrive through your divorce

  • help prevent you from becoming the "bitter ex"

  • realize that you are winning and that divorce is not the end of your world

  • establish your personal rights as a woman who is in pain and grieving

The Kit Includes
  • 24-page, full-color workbook

  • 5 worksheets

  • Bonus Worksheet

  • Audio recording of the entire workbook

  • 10-minute video introduction

  • Full access to the Love Yourself Through Divorce Facebook Group


Price: $9.99

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